Fortune Hello Tech Advertising Review — Is FHTM the Pyramid Plan Or Chance?

So what’s Fortune Hi-tech Marketing about? What you actually want to know could it be a legitimate method to make some cash, or could it be some of those “pyramid scams”. So here it’s, I’ll checklist the benefits and drawbacks to the corporation.

The Benefits:

FHTM had been founded with a gentleman called Paul Orberson. The organization was started in 2001 as well as headquarter within Lexington, KY. Orberson encircled himself with probably the most successful pioneers in the market and offers seen huge growth. FHTM appears to be here for the future.

Fortune Hi-tech Marketing accepted the home business model to advertise its 4 main services and products. They are Health insurance and Beauty, Providers, Entertainment as well as Communications. For any MLM to become legitimate, it must concentrate on selling a service or product vs. making the actual recruitment of individuals the primary focus. FHTM fulfills the legitimacy from the FTC guidelines about this one.

The actual Cons:

The Lot of money Hi Technology Marketing system relies upon a multi-level marketing plan, also called MLM or multilevel marketing. A large amount of MLM’s happen to be criticized because of the fact that a few feel these people effectively turn out to be pyramid strategies, where just those at the very top make cash leaving those at the end to give them their cash, unable to create any cash themselves. These difficulties and complaints aren’t uncommon in a MLM kind business. The largest problem using the above statement could it be is partly true. The people at the very top will always take advantage money. So what you need to do is reach the best. You truly possess the same opportunity to get this done as the actual leaders within FHTM did once they joined.

The greatest obstacle in order to doing this is actually the method an individual takes to promote their company. Now FHTM encourages the comfortable market, you realize, make a summary of all your family and friends and encourage them to a conference. Let the actual up collection do all of the talking. Well if this is the way your going to try to grow your company, you are most likely going in order to fail. You have to take control of the business and produce a targeted marketplace of those who are looking for that services and products that you’re selling within FHTM. If you’re not prepared to explore additional avenues in order to growing your company, then a person too may struggle. But do not ever state FHTM is really a scam since you couldn’t grow your company. You decide to hide your face in the actual sand and obtain stuck about the treadmill associated with failure.


No FHTM isn’t a rip-off, nor the pyramid plan. But it will take advertising savvy to genuinely be prosperous. If all for you to do is spend your costs and consider your comfortable market in order to meetings, then yes you’ll struggle. Using the opportunity associated with financial independence which FHTM provides, get available and discover a way.

Tim Borgeson is really a professional internet marketer who requires great pride in assisting other business owners build as well as expand their own business utilizing sound advertising principles to make sure positive company growth as well as establish long-term success. Tim offers marketed a number of different services and products and may be involved within sales associated with over $14 zillion dollars within the direct-marketing industry previously 4 many years alone.