VPS Server Hosting: A Brief Look At Its Features

VPS or virtual private server is a dedicated and secure space that you get on a server that is also shared by other clients of a web host. The catch is that every client is virtually dissociated from other clients and can set up own applications, software and operating system in the server he/she sees as being solely dedicated to them. The systematic segregation ensures minimum transfer of vulnerabilities and security risks from one account to another as is much more likely in a shared environment. The best VPS hosting would ideally give you the experience of using dedicated hosting for your website at a fraction of the cost.

The nuts and bolts

A number of factors determine the nature of service you will get in VPS hosting. The specifications of the hardware such as storage, RAM, bandwidth, CPU etc. are critical. The best VPS server hosting providers ensure that you get the allocated resources as per your package details. The number of VPS account holders on the host server has direct effect on the kind of speed and performance your own website. Also important is the virtualization technology deployed.


VPS is customizable making it much more flexible than shared hosting. Root access and control over reboots, IP assignments and switching between operating systems gives firms a channel to adapt and modify their website as per need. Only those applications which violate usage policy are not allowed to be installed. The expenditure is considerably less while enterprises do not have to spend on personnel and infrastructure or physical servers.


At GPDHost, we seek to make available to customers affordable VPS hosting while ensuring premium services. Through the control panel, a VPS plan can be upgraded without losing any data. We include a web application firewall with the managed and fully managed hosting plans. The service level agreement uptime is 99.95%. This ensures your website is performing for you at all times except the utterly unavoidable.

For VPS game server hosting or WordPress VPS hosting too, GPDHost has an unmatched track record. The cloud RAM VPS expands the horizon of flexibility further. You may not have tried VPS hosting yet, but if you are looking for an affordable solution that gives greater privacy and control to your website handling operations, check out our plans. The cherry on the cake is the around the clock support to solve your issues at any time.