How To Build Trust With Your Audience Online

Back in the day, the online audience that consumed blogs, videos, and primitive web content was looked down upon. Today, things have changed. Every company wants to be able to catch the eye of the gigantic online market and speak to younger consumers in an authentic way. But as the Internet audience gets savvier about spotting pandering, inauthenticity, and corporate language, brands have to get a lot more clever about marketing themselves digitally. Whether it’s through finding the right richmond seo service or reading up on digital marketing tips, your brand needs to find a way to build trust and communicate honestly with your consumers. Using social media is a great start, especially if you’re trying to build your voice. But if you’ve already established yourself, it could become tricky to start speaking to an online demographic without seeming like you’re trying too hard or trying to sell consumers something they don’t want. If you’re struggling to find ways of actually connecting with your online audience, here’s what you need to do.

Don’t Use Buzzwords

You’d be surprised by how quickly online readers and viewers can pick up on inauthenticity. It isn’t that consumers aren’t taken in by marketing or that they’re somehow too smart for it: It’s that they’ve become hyper-aware of what it looks like when someone is trying to sell them something. Because of the kind of marketplace the Internet has created where there are tons of scams, ads, and opportunities to buy and sell all over the place, consumers have to use their own filter to figure out what’s real and what’s not. So if you start using clickbaity language to draw in viewers and increase page views, you may experience a temporary bump in your analytics, but the results won’t stay that way. You can only draw in so many users by speaking in a language that isn’t authentically yours. The best way to gain readers, viewers, and followers who will actually stick with you is to let them know who you are and why they should be interested in what you have to say.

Embrace a Set of Values

When you’re building up a presence on the Internet, you have the privilege of being able to talk about things that are important to you without any kind of censorship. The best way to get people to actually trust you and come back to your page or channel is to land on something very specific and get passionate about it. Even if you have a ton of different interests, it’s best to show your followers that you’re here to talk about something specific. This doesn’t mean that you have to pour your guts out with every blog post or tell your readers every detail about yourself. What you do have to do is show them that you actually care about what you’re talking about. Think about what’s important to you and go from there. Even if you’re a brand trying to sell a product, you’re not going to gain the trust of consumers unless you approach marketing as a story. For instance: Rather than saying, “we sell makeup to women at a fair price point,” think about saying, “for years, we’ve wanted to create a makeup line that offers a high-quality product at a fair price.” Showing your consumers that you have an origin story, a set of values, and a future, will help them view you less like a company and more like an inspiration.

Stay Consistent

Whether you’re a blogger, an Instagram photographer, or a national brand, you want your consumers to know that they’re giving their money and time to someone who isn’t going to use it in a dishonest or underhanded way. Staying consistent doesn’t just apply to core values, though it’s important not to do a total switch on those either. It means that your marketing and your message can change with the times, but should always hold on to a consistent meaning. While it helps to stay as apolitical as possible, companies that start out supporting one political cause shouldn’t end up switching their opinion randomly. This decreases trust in the brand and shows consumers that the company isn’t unified ideologically. Being consistent is the easiest way to build trust and show consumers that you are exactly who or what you say you are. Even if you’re dealing with brand partnerships or branded content, your followers won’t feel betrayed or mislead as long as you’re committed to staying honest, straightforward, and consistent.