How to keep ur smartphone safe

Smartphones are nowadays very common gazettes for people of all ages. We all use smartphones in various tasks. It has become an essential part of our life. As it is very useful for us and contains many important documents, it really needs extra care so that it can be safe. So in this article we’ll talk about such measures which are really necessary for keeping smartphones safe.

Recent research has shown that 54% of smartphone users do not set up password security on mobile phones . It is considerably good sometimes when phone is lost and someone can pick this up and get access to call the relative of the owner. But in most of the cases people don’t do so. Important data fall in risk when the phone is lost. So password security is a must for smartphones. There are a number of ways for protecting smartphone. It can be pattern code, pin code or nowadays finger print locks are also popular. But pin code should not be easy like 1234 and so on. Besides sim card pin codes should also be applied because another person can easily remove the sim card from the phone and use it on another phone.

Pin entry and password locks were enough for protecting a few years ago but nowadays, you carry a miniature storage in it which is easily removable. Simply preventing someone from being able to turn a phone on isn’t enough because it is very easy to retrieve data by simply plugging it into a computer or removing the SD card. Sensitive data must be saved to internal storage. Besides, there are softwares that can encrypt files or folders with standard protection which means a code must be applied before a file can be viewed or copied. These also can be used for phone protection.

Back case is a necessary thing for safety of smartphone. If phone is fallen from hand or from bed while sleeping, phone case protects that from been broken. For that, you have to choose the correct one for your phone. There are many online sites for choosing correct phone case to protect your phone from breaking while falling. You can choose from them. For iphone users there are sites which shows case for iphone 8 plus and others. Capinhas iphone are also found in those sites. So it is available in the internet.

Smartphones now have the option of connecting to wireless networks by a router in the office or home. Many people prefer to use wireless networks as it decreases the internet costs. But wireless networks are not always safe, any device which can send data by wireless network can be a risk for phone. First thing to remember is to always switch off a wireless connection when it’s not in use. Apart from helping you save on battery power, it ensures that malicious parties can’t connect to a device without your knowledge.

Back up your important data. This is very important when you have security concern. If the phone is lost, you can’t get back the data. So always make a backup to your email or google drive. Besides, you have to be cautious about using applications. It is necessary to use only those applications which are useful to you. Downloading unnecessary applications from play store or from any unknown sources can hamper your smartphone. Besides if you are far from city and you need to secure your properties including your phone, you can contact storage units Raleigh.

So these are some of the steps that can ensure the safety of your smartphone. You can follow them if you want protection of your phone.