Top 3 Note Taking Apps to Remember Everything

Keeping track of all your to-dos can be a challenge when you are on the go. You don’t always have a pen and a notepad nearby with the risk of losing some amazing ideas! Keep all the tools you need right in your front pocket with the best note-taking apps on your phone. Need to write down some cliff notes or a short grocery list? Easily take note of any crucial to-dos and ideas and take them with you anywhere you go!

Don’t waste time looking for a pen and paper when a great idea comes to mind. With any of these great note taking apps you can instantly capture your ideas with text, voice memos, pictures, video and more! You won’t ever forget any important information with these great tools at your fingertips.

Notepad & To Do List for practical note taking

Great ideas can come as quickly as they go, and you need a quick way to write them down before they are forgotten. Notepad is a great choice for writing your notes down instantly thanks to its simple and straightforward interface. You won’t be bothered with unnecessary options and features that make things more complicated than they need to be. Notepad keeps it simple, with only the most essential features for easy notetaking – like it should be! Your notes are automatically saved, and you can sync the information from your device to access it anytime and anywhere. You can also tag your notes to quickly find them later!

NOTEBOOK for combining voice and text memos

Sometimes writing an idea down in text can break the thought process or take too much time. In these cases, a voice note is much more convenient! NOTEBOOK is a great choice for taking notes in different formats and keeping all your information together in one place! A great user interface makes it easy to write down your notes, record voice memos and even store pictures too. Do you have a great idea for a song? Write your music notes and record a sample of the tune before it fades away. Did you get inspired by a stunning view? Take a picture and save it with your notes!

Evernote for keeping all your notes organized

Evernote is a popular choice both for casual users and professionals alike. A clean and simple interface has been a key factor in its extremely wide appeal. The developers also did a great job at bringing together all the best notetaking features into one place while keeping it super-easy to use. Use a variety of tools to take notes, from text and pictures to audio and video recording and more! Are you trying out a new recipe? Attach a PDF of the original recipe and write comments on any changes you made. All your information is neatly organized and easily accessible when you need it. You can also share and sync your notes across all your mobile devices for extra convenience!

No need to rush around looking for a pen and paper when you need to write down important information. Take note of all your to-dos and ideas with these great note taking apps right on your phone! Keep your information with you anywhere you go and relieve your memory bank, so you can focus on other things!